Contextual Popup/Popunder Traffic

Contextual Popup and Popunder Traffic starting @ $0.30 CPM onwards. Ads are served on website with content targeting options, Content and Keyword targeting is matched with Website Content Keywords and is called Meta Keyword targeting. Self Serve Platform ✗ Demand and Supply Platfom ✔ Geo Targeting ✔ Device Targeting ✔ OS Targeting ✔ ISP/Carrier Targeting […]

Adult Banner Push Notification

Adult Banner native inventory for Push notifications starting $0.01 per click worldwide. Traffic Type Adult Push Notification Traffic Cost Per click $0.01 per click Targeting Type worldwide Browser Targeting ✔ IP Block Targeting ✔ Carrier Targeting ✔ Mobile Targeting – OS ✔ Fresh / New Subscriber 24hrs only ✗ Daily Spend Capping ✔ Reporting cPanel […]