Contextual Popup/Popunder Traffic

Contextual Popup and Popunder Traffic starting @ $0.30 CPM onwards. Ads are served on website with content targeting options, Content and Keyword targeting is matched with Website Content Keywords and is called Meta Keyword targeting.

Self Serve Platform
Demand and Supply Platfom
Geo Targeting
Device Targeting
OS Targeting
ISP/Carrier Targeting
Browser Targeting
IP Targeting
Website Targeting
Language Targeting
Day time Targeting
Category Targeting
Demographic Targeting
Black/White Listing
Frequency Capping
Tracking Token Options
Keywor Targeting
Anti Fraud detection
Adult Ads Channel enabled
Gambling Allowed
Dedicated Account Manager

Adult Banner Push Notification

Adult Banner native inventory for Push notifications starting $0.01 per click worldwide.

Traffic TypeAdult Push Notification Traffic
Cost Per click$0.01 per click
Targeting Typeworldwide
Browser Targeting
IP Block Targeting
Carrier Targeting
Mobile Targeting – OS
Fresh / New Subscriber 24hrs only
Daily Spend Capping
Reporting cPanel
Fresh / New Subscriber 1 week only
Category Targeting
Keyword Targeting
User Behaviour Optimization
City / State Level Targeting